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EcoBrite ULTRA installs its 100th low level escape lighting system

We are pleased to announce that the EcoBrite ULTRA low level escape lighting system has now been installed in over 100 buildings in the UK.

In one recent high rise installation, residents are have said that they are very pleased with the system (having seen it in the dark) because it makes them feel safer knowing that they would be able to see their way out in darkness and smoke. This photo is a photo taken by one of the residents, and a TRA member, which they sent to us with their thanks.

First hostel in the UK installs an EcoBrite ULTRA low level system

Taking into account the inquests relating to the Lakanal House and Shirley Towers fires and in particular the Coroner's Rule 43 Letters, the London Borough of Camden have installed their first photoluminescent low level escape lighting system into one of their vulnerable persons hostels in London NW1. As far as we know, this is the first installation of it's kind into a hostel anywhere in the UK. The London Borough of Camden are leading the way with this technology and we are proud to be working with them to provide the best possible protection for their residents. See more

RNIB install EcoBrite ULTRA system

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) install EcoBrite ULTRA low level wayguidance system throughout their Assisted Living Home in South East London. A combination of Class B and Class C materials were installed to staircases, stair nosings, walls and handrails complimenting the building's exisitng decor, but more importantly providing low level directional signage as well as escape lighting. See more

EcoBrite ULTRA presented to CFOA, Tamworth

We were invited to the Chief Fire Officers Association HQ to raise awareness of photoluminescent systems and had some pretty significant and amazing results.

See more

Amazing Results......EcoBrite ULTRA is visible to the registered Blind

The EcoBrite ULTRA solution is taking the UK by storm and has already been accepted within sheltered housing blocks and major hospitals. EcoBrite ULTRA is the major solution to the age old dilemma of expensive non effective electrical/battery emergency lighting, and comes with very little maintenance and at significantly reduced costs.

It has also been recently discovered that registered blind people also benefit from the installation of this type of system.

Many Fire Services are recognising photoluminescent technology as the way to go with a vast majority utilising photoluminescent materials within their life saving firefighting equipment such as breathing apparatus. See more

Enfield Homes Blind Resident Can See the Light!

Enfield Homes have been actively fitting low level EcoBrite ULTRA way guidance systems within their housing stock and have identified that one of their registered blind residents has commented that "this is amazing stuff, I can actually see the light as it is shining into my eyes. I no longer have to be scared of these stairs". All of the EcoBrite ULTRA systems are fully certified to comply with the RRFSO Article 14(2)(h). Typically a full install is around 75% cheaper than fitting electrical non RRFSO compliant electrical ceiling lights and Enfield Homes love it and other London Boroughs are looking to follow Enfield's lead................... Want to see more?

Dodsley Place - Enfield
Scott House - Edmonton

Luminous Signs

Floor numbers and plans provided in order for firefighters to locate floor levels easily and quickly even in smokey fire conditions


Luminous Clothing

High visibilty clothing that also emits light of its own without the use of batteries. It also provides retroflective properties that will shine brightly when external light hits the bands.

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Large public services recognise the benefits of low level wayguidance.....watch this space for more information.

Hertfordshire Fire Service recognise the benefits of low level wayguidance and fit system within their HQ

Recommendation for Social Housing Providers

Coroner's Letter to Sir Ken Knight Chief Fire and Rescue Advisers Unit

4th February 2013









Death by misadventure in each case in conjunction with the following narrative:


“Firefighters Alan Bannon and James Shears died from sudden exposure to initially intense heat from 20.38 to 20.41 and thereafter to excessive heat while dealing with a fire in a flat on the 9th floor of the high-rise tower block Shirley Towers". 


Item 9:


It is recommended that there should be an obligation to:


a)   provide signage to indicate floor levels both in stairwells and lift lobbies in high rise premises, to assist the emergency services;



b)   ensure that signage indicating flat numbers and emergency exits in high rise premises are placed at a low level to increase visibility in smoke conditions.



 For more information on low level guidance click here

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