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May 2018 - EcoBrite Ultra fitted into more than 100 residential buildings

Since the deeply distressing, sad and tragic Grenfell Tower fire, photoluminescent low level escape lighting systems have been installed in more than 50 high rise residential buildings as well as 50 medium rise residential buildings. Installations include, stair nosingmarkings, wall markings. handrails, egress directional arrows, Floor Information Numbers, Emergency Floor Plans as well as a host of other fire safety signage. The Coroner's Rule 43 letters for Shirley Towers and Lakanal House recommended low level signage some years before, so why didn't Grenfell have low level signage? 

Novemeber 2017 London Borough of Enfield move forward with fitting Low Level Way Guidance System with a fantastic response from the residents.

April 2016 EcoBrite ULTRA IBC style Floor Numbers, Emergency Floor Plans, flat numbers, exit door markings as well as other wayguidance signage fitted throughout a 160+ bedroom hostel in NW London. All signage and markings were fitted at low level below potential smoke reservoirs in order to aid all persons evacuating the building in the event of fire, as well as the emergency services. See more  

May 2015 - Blind Resident sees the Light - Click here for the full LBE Press Release
LB Enfield Press Release May 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [224.9 KB]

As far as we are aware this is the very first photoluminescent road marking within the U.K. You will see that in the day the lines are white although where the sun is shining brightly on some of the lines they look like they have a tinge of yellow/green.

At night we have tried to capture the full effect but without total power outage in the area this would prove difficult. However we can see that these lines are brighter than those that are not photoluminescent.

Photoluminescent road markings

We have also had produced photoluminescent vinyl flooring which is full floor grade material that can be used in schools, hospitals etc. This flooring can be plain or be printed with any design our client's wish to have.

Photoluminescent vinyl flooring

Large public services recognise the benefits of low level wayguidance.....watch this space for more information.

Hertfordshire Fire Service recognise the benefits of low level wayguidance and fit system within their HQ

Recommendation for Social Housing Providers

Coroner's Letter to Sir Ken Knight Chief Fire and Rescue Advisers Unit

4th February 2013









Death by misadventure in each case in conjunction with the following narrative:


“Firefighters Alan Bannon and James Shears died from sudden exposure to initially intense heat from 20.38 to 20.41 and thereafter to excessive heat while dealing with a fire in a flat on the 9th floor of the high-rise tower block Shirley Towers". 


Item 9:


It is recommended that there should be an obligation to:


a)   provide signage to indicate floor levels both in stairwells and lift lobbies in high rise premises, to assist the emergency services;



b)   ensure that signage indicating flat numbers and emergency exits in high rise premises are placed at a low level to increase visibility in smoke conditions.



 For more information on low level guidance click here

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